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Default Why me?! Disney Cruise nightmare...

I know this is really long, but please, please read it.


So, I was on the Disney Cruise for the past week, and from the first day, there was this girl that I had my eye on. She looked to be about 14 years old, I'm 15. Her name was Betsey. She had a twin, but I could always tell her apart. I saw her everywhere, and occasionally she'd glance over at me. Before I tell the story, I've got to tell you that there was a "teen club" there, and it was the most boring thing EVER. I hated it. That ties into the story a little later. This story really starts on the night of day 3 on the cruise. I routienly sat down in the hot tub, hoping to see her and get up enough courage to go talk to her. I had promised myself that I was going to say something to her that night. So as I'm sitting there, with barely anyone else on deck, this little girl walks up and sits in the hot tub with me. I didn't mind her, until she started talking. And talking, and talking. She wouldn't stop. I couldn't even hear half of what she was saying because the hot tub was so loud. Anyway, halfway through our "conversation," I was pretty sure I saw Betsey and her sister walk past the tub. "Oh my god..." I thought, because it was obvious this girl wasn't going to stop talking any time soon. I couldn't just get up and walk away, though. Finally, after about ten more minutes of her non stop talking, she said she'd be right back. When she was out of site, I ran as fast as I could to the other hot tub. I looked around by the pool, usually where Betsey was, but I didn't see her. I was so angry that I lost my chance. I got out, depressed, and dried off, and looked to the side of the pool. There I see her standing there looking across at me. "This is my chance," I thought, and stood up to walk over. Right as I did, I hear from behind me, "It's teen splash down time!" I groaned and turned around to see everyone from the stack running down to the deck and pooring into the pool. One of the guys I met forced me to get in, and I didn't see Betsey again that night. A few days later, the next crazy thing happens. I woke up early for some reason, so I went down to the hot tub. I sat down, and this little ten year old kid an I start having a conversation. He was pretty funny, so I decided to tell him about Betsey. I told him the whole story, and he said he'd look out for her. A few hours later, I was in the arcade, and I see him running up to it. He runs through the door and comes over to me saying, "Zach, Zach, I met the girl you liked. She was in an elevator that I got in. She wants to meet you on Deck 6!" I got my shoes and shirt on and followed him to where she was. Betsey, her twin sister, and her friend were both there, and she looked really nervous. Her friend said, "Let's play the name game," and it was obvious that she was just doing it as a way to get my name. She went around from the little kid, whose name was Jojo, to herself, to Betsey's sister, to Betsey, and finally to me. Then she said, "Let's play the age game!" Jojo said he was ten, then she skipped to me, I said I was fifteen. They all looked a little suprised, then Betsey's sister said to me, "How old do I look?" I said around fourteen. Then I learned that both she and her sister where twelve. TWELVE. Some bad judgment on my part. Anyway, the blonde girl was trying to get Betsey to talk to me, but she was too nervous and wouldn't do it. Instead they had me sit down by this kid who they randomly pointed out. We were the only people on the floor, there were two chairs, two elevators, and two hallways filled with rooms beside us. The kid's name was Tim, and he was sitting in one of the chairs. I sat down beside him, and while the group of girls was telling Jojo what to tell me, Tim and I met each other. He was sixteen, one year older than me, and he was really funny. He found out that Betsey liked me, but she was only twelve. Then, Betsey, her sister, and her friend, sent Jojo over to me. He asked, "What do you rate Betsey out of 10?" Tim goes, "Dude, he's not a petifile!" I laughed, and said she had to rate me first. After that, they were pushing her around trying to get her to talk to me, and I heard them saying, "You love him! Go talk to him!" Then she said, "I didn't know he was fifteen!" I felt the same way, I didn't think any sort of spark could happen between a fifteen year old and a twelve year old. After awhile of them talking over in the corner, and Tim and I talking, they all got in an elevator. Jojo ran over to me and said, "So you're just gonna let your love go like that?" Tim said, "Don't man, don't." It was really weird. Jojo and Tim were like the two sides of me that were fighting. The side that liked Betsey even though she was three years younger than me, and the side that said she was too young. I sat there, and let the door close. Depressed yet again, because the girl I had been dreaming of all week was twelve, I layed down on a beach chair and fell asleep. I thought I had made the right decision. As the day went on, though, I started to change my mind. By dinner, I was sick to the stomach because I had let her go. I didn't think age should matter if we both liked each other. I really wanted to say something before the cruise ended, but I never had enough courage. To the final night. Two nights ago. It was after dinner, and I knew my time to talk to her was running down. I had to do it then. I was running along the top deck, looking everywhere I could for her, when I saw someone on the other side's walkway. They looked familiar, but I couldn't tell who it was. I kept my eyes on them, and followed them to the back of the ship where the two walkways met. It was Betsey's sister and friend. I knew this was my chance. I said hi to them, and stood there for a few seconds. Her friend said, "Where's your sister?" Betsey's sister said, "I think she's in the Oceanear Lab (a place like the teen club, but for younger people,)" I said bye to them, and ran down to the entrance of the Lab. I stood there for a few seconds, but no one came out. If she did come out, I didn't want her to think I was following her or something, so I went across the walkway to the other side, and watched through the opening to see if she would come out. After about five minutes, someone caught my eye on the level below me. I looked down to see Tim standing there. He looked up at me, nodded, and then dissapeared. I saw him coming up the steps. He walked up beside me and we started talking. He told me he was looking for a girl, but lost her in the crowed. I said the same. He asked me what she looked like, and I described Betsey, luckily he didn't remember her from the night we met. He asked me if I wanted to go look for her, and since it was obvious I had missed Betsey, I said why not. We walked around until dark, and I didn't see any sign of her. I thought that was the end of it. We walked up to the sports deck, and I saw a group of people sitting on this bench thing. I got a strange feeling in my stomach. We kept walking towards it, and I hear someone say my name. It was Betsey and the other two girls. I heard Tim whisper into my ear, "Just keep walking, man." I wanted to stop so badly, but I decided I couldn't do it with Tim there. I gave them a little wave, and kept walking. Finally, a few hours later, I got away from Tim. It was past 12 and I was frantically searching every deck on ship for her. After searching every area countless times, I knew I had failed. What a coincidence, that the same guy Betsey introduced me to to keep me occupied was the same guy that would keep me from ever talking to her again. I went to bed, more depressed than ever. I woke up feeling like crap, and went with my family to breakfast on the ship, the last one of the cruise. Afterwards, my family went to the photo shop to buy some pictures that were taken throughout the week, and I wandered around outside of the shop. I was so depressed that I would never see Betsey again. I sat down on the steps above where the line had formed to leave the ship, and there she was. I was so ready to go talk to her, but her mother and father were both there. I couldn't do it in front of them. The line moved, and I went one deck above them. I ran down the hallway out to the balcony above where people were leaving the ship, to see Betsey one last time. Just before it was her family's turn to get off of the ship, they stopped, and got out of line. Just then, my parents came to get me. It was time to leave. I was hoping beyond all hopes that when we finally got into the main room, Betsey would still be there. She wasn't. Sadly, I walked off the ship and over to the shuttle bus to the airport. I walked up the bus's steps and looked over the front seat, and there she was again. Somehow, we had gotten onto the same bus as her family. We sat in the back of the bus, they were in the front. I was so amazed that we had gotten this far without getting seperated. The bus got to the airport, and they got off. I looked out the window and they were standing there with their luggage, I hoped that we would get out there while they were still there, but we didn't. I watched them walk into the airport. I got in there and sat down, and they were no where to be seen. Depressed, I got up and walked around. I rounded a corner, and I see her whole family sitting at this group of chairs. This was unbelievable. I still couldn't say anything, though, her parents were still there. I hoped beyond all hopes that she would see me and get the nerves to talk to me one last time, but she didn't. I watched her walk into the terminal, and that was the last time I would see her. I felt sick to my stomach. We couldn't get a flight that day, so we stayed at this hotel at Universal Studios for the night. They had a great pool, but I had no fun because I was so depressed. I couldn't eat or even sleep on the beach chairs. Even now I still don't understand why I am so worked up over this twelve year old girl. I've never gotten this worked up over any girl, muchless one this much younger than I. I decided that I would use the tiny scraps of information I had about her to try to find anything about her on the internet, and then if I did, I would somehow take a roadtrip to her house and talk to her there. I know, it was a crazy thought, but I was pretty much delierious in depression. I wrote everything I knew about her down on a hotel notepad, and it's sitting beside me right now. I got home this morning and did every search I could think of on Google, with no luck. Everytime I say to myself that I'm never going to see her again, I my stomach starts hurting. This really sucks. I know her first name, I have a decent idea of what her last name is, and I think she lives in a city with two names, such as St. Louis, in a state I don't know. For some reason, I feel like this isn't the end of the story. It's the same feeling I had when I hoped I'd see her again on the bus. I'm hoping beyond all hopes that I can somehow find some way to contact her, but I know it's ridiculously impossible. I hate myself for not leaving Tim when I saw her that night and talking to her. Why does this garbage always happen to me? There was something different about her too... I always got this feeling when she was around me, even if I couldn't see her. I could always tell her apart from her twin, even though they were identical. This sucks...

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
They said come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

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