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OK, first, let me explain a few things. I have already known about this since the first day we had vBulletin installed, Kevin And Kolte, the "Switch Editor Mode" button (all the way on the right) should switch the mode of what you can see. If your only switch between tags and no formatting at all, then you might have it set to not be in advanced mode in your UserCP (but I'm not sure if this would affect it) or your browser could be displaying something wrong. In Avant Browser, I see the formatting just find (without the tags).

Now then, I set the Quick Reply to require the click on a specific post because it keeps track of posting better. Without the click required, vBulletin has no idea which post you are replying to, so the best it can do is give the default reply title and place it as the latest post in the tree. Also, moderators and administrators can use this system to track posts if it is needed. To top it off, the vBulletin creators recommend that the click be required so that vBulletin knows which post you're replying to.

Personally, I do not think it is that hard to find the post you want to reply to, and then click the "Quick" button. It takes less than a second if you are just replying to the last post... Plus, look at something for a second... When you click the Quick button, the cursor automatically shoots down and puts itself in the Quick Reply box. Normally, if you did not have this, you would have to scroll down to the box and click in it anyway just to put the cursor in it. So really, it's the same effort, but without the scrolling (sometimes).

Does it really annoy you guys that much to click a button instead of clicking in a text box? If it does, I'll change it to no click required...

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