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Default Re: Windows Vista is PUBLIC!

One thing that MS did that I didn't like, was they're trying to force people to upgrade to DirectX 9 compatible cards, when you don't need them to run the effects Vista uses. Like, My AIW Radeon 9200 128 meg AGP card that is in my Old desktop will run Vista's Aero Glass interface just fine. But, it's not DX9 compatible, so they have it disabled for that card. It runs with the fancy effects turned off. But, with a quick registry edit, I can turn them on, and they work just fine.

Just MS trying to be annoying, I'm guessing.

I had Longhorn Alpha 4474 running on a Compaq Armada 500MHz laptop, with 320 meg of ram and a 8 meg ATI video card, with a 10GB HDD. Granted it didn't work that great, and it was an older version. At least they've figured out that the specs that they were originally thinking weren't right. The specs they list now sound more reasonable.

- Bill
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