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Default Re: the drinking age

you know actually im pretty torn about alcohol.
you see I'm not actually a big fan of it. though i personally consume it on a regular basis.

alcohol is addictive, just as addictive as other drugs.
people lose their marriages, jobs, families, even their lives because of alcohol.
a large majority of homeless people are homeless because of alcohol.
alcohol is distructive and addictive and therefor should be limited.
statistics from a global perspective show that 60-70% of violent crimes, including child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and murder link to alcohol as a contributing factor.
to be short, alcohol is a leading cause of crime and violence, therefor putting it in the hands of our chlidren is not a good idea.
thousands of people are hurt and killed because of drunk driving.

because of these facters, and as a responsible young adult, i must say that any age restriction on alcohol that is less then 18 years old, would be somethign that I disagree with.

nuff said.

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