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Default Re: Post your desktop screenshot!

Originally Posted by Kiros72
Andy? It's William that posted that... You should know by now that he adores Linux distributions
Yep. Although if my desktop was up and running it has XP on it. But my Video card is dead and I need to get it fixed. I don't like running it on a PCI ATI Mach64 1 meg card, which is about all I have to use in it, since it doesn't have AGP slots.

Originally Posted by Kasabian
I miss Linux . I had to install Windows to do some schoolwork. As soon as I get another SATA cable I'll install Linux again. I'd dual-boot but I HATE multiple partitions.
Hmm... What's wrong with Multiple Partitions? I have Ubuntu, Fedora 5, and Windows XP installed on my Laptop. All on the Same HDD. I don't really use Fedora or XP, but they're still there "just in case"

- Bill
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