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nah, the things we find sexual such as brests, vagina, penis, eyes, lips, hair. all of these things are found sexual because of evolution. you see when man stood, (not like he just one day stood up but you get the jist) when man stood he then had a face to face look at his partner, and thus, through the power of time, eventually began to communicate with other humans. also, whatever men liked about women, women evolved to meet mans attraction. and, just like women, men evolved to meet womans attraction.

its much more complicated then that, but thats the jist.
i'm not gonna go explaining away when nobody gives a damn about intellegence anymore.
brests and penis and vagina are covered by cloths not because we are ashamed necessarily, but because these are purly sexual organs.
the clitoras has evolved to be the ONLY organ in the human body that is used purly for sex. *the more you know*
in fact, in america we cover our genitals with cloths becasue they are kept soley for our partner. its a special kind of relationship thing.
your save your body for your lover only.
in the middle east, as most of you know, even the face of the women are covered because its only to be exposed to the husband or children because it is beautiful and sexual.
you see.
its cultural, and instinctive.
but if you want to go naked, go ahead.
your right.
it shouldnt be seen as so offensive.
its not really.


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