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Default ADD/ ADHD with OCD

i have been diagnosed with both ADD/ADHD and OCD. I hear this is possibly one of the worst combinations. Is this true? I mean it makes sense because thye are opposites. OCD wants everything perfect, perfect grades, room, everything neat and organized, however iwth ADD/ADHD I can't because I'm disorganized, cna't focus and off meds so bad grades... everything is a mess. This causes me to hate myself even more because it's impossible for me to keep things the way i want them to. I try so hard, but its impossible... You should see me when i have time t clean, I get so obsessive about it, hours on organizingby colors, fabric styles, it's rdiculous... makes me laugh sometimes.. Then I"ll get distracted and the organization that I treid to obtain failed epically.. so i start again because i dind't fold the shirts right. this happens with music too, if i cna't get the piece I'm playing right, i get angry to the point i need to wakl away after a full 15 minutes focusing on one section and getting frustrated because i cna't get it right...

anyone else have both?
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