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Default Cancer

Hi all, i know im not really a regular poster but i really want some help. In the last week i have found out that my nan has an advanced stage of agressive cancer of the womb. When i first found out i was really upset and cried a bit but now the full shock of it is only really just setting in. But the problem i have is that i really want to be upset but i really feel i cant be as i am trying to help my mum come through this as she is obviously really upset. My dad isnt really the kind of guy who i could tell about how i fell, even though he is a great dad. And none of my friends at school would want to listen to me (i've tried) despite the fact that i've always been there for them, and trust me, ive helped one friend through a suicidal patch. I just really want to know how i can cope with this as at the moment as i feel really sad and i feel like shit, even though most of the time i try to ignore it and get on with my life I just want to be able to cope with the grief. If anyone could help it would be great. Cheers

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