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Default Re: The Drinking Age

That statement Meg, actually has some truth to it. I grew up in the Philippines, a third-world island nation in Pacific-Asia. And, especially in the area that I lived in, there was never a lack of alcohol. And growing up around it with all of my other siblings, and relatives, we never really thought much of it. We knew that it could get you drunk and that kids weren't supposed to drink it (even though you could go to any local store and buy some even at the age of seven), but we always thought of it as just a drink, like water or soda pop. And we did have a couple chugs of the stuff every now and again.

But, I'm not quite sure if that kind of use and "abuse" would work in a higher society like the UK or the USA. There might be more chaos because of how the society is much higher and advanced, than that of my community in the Philippines.

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