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Default Feminine problems... I REALLY need help

A week or so ago I experiment shaving my feminine spot
(Without asking how to do it, or asking if I should even shave at my age)
I only shaved a little leaving medium strands of hair left
The next morning it was EXTREMELY itchy wear I shaved
i tried hydroctorisone cream on it for a couple of days but nothing happend
I shaved more off so the strands were small and I could see the red itchy spot
I continued the hydrocortisone cream and the next day it was SO itchy, but also VERY VERY VERY painful, not just itchy. The hairs were constricting my private part. It felt like the hairs were pinching me, it was the worst day at school ever
I go home and decide to shave it all off
I cant get it all off
Its a bunch of super tiny pointy bristles left and they ar ehurting me and itching
Im out of the cream I was using
And I need a cure NOW!
I can get to the doctors tonight
I cant get to the pharmacy I cant get anywhere
what do I do?
Im not comfortable talking to a parent so I came here
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