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Default Avant vs. Firefox

Alrighty, I downloaded Avant and we shall now find out which is faster, Avant or Firefox.

Download Speeds at PC Pit Stop

The Fox; 3328 kbps, 2380 kbps, 3283 kbps, 3234 kbps, 3111 kbps

Avant; 2320 kbps, 2578 kbps, 3669 kbps, 2380 kbps, 3240 kbps

Download Speeds at Speak Easy LA Server

The Fox; 5505 kbps, 5958 kbps, 5854 kbps, 5631 kbps, 5553 kbps

Avant; 5687 kbps, 5847 kbps, 5737 kbps, 5712 kbps, 5776 kbps


The Fox 4383.7 kbps

Avant 4294.6

This is running off of a cable connection mind you, clocking at 500 kbps upload.

Big speed difference? No. In fact, with more data, they'd probably end up the same, so please stop with the annoying drop Firefox get Avant ads 0:
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