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Default Re: ASD / Asperger's Syndrome

I'm new to I'm not sure I understand how these "levels" are measured and which one I'd be in. However, this past year I was diagnosed with AS after asking my twin sister (Doctorial degree graduate in psychology) if I may have characteristics to autism. She said "Maybe" to me, so I did research and found about cognitive behavioral therapy. It was a group of patients, but didn't seem to fit my needs, for I went one-on-one with a psychologist. That's when I was told I had AS. At age 1 during my MMR vaccination, I reacted to it with encephalitis menigitis and serious seizures. I'm very lucky to be alive today from that, but will always have seizures. Does anyone else have or know someone with seizures? What do you think about this thimerosal mercury in vaccines? Take care!
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