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Default Growth Stage Question

I have a serious question, and I hope it will get answered.

I am 16, and will be 17 in September. I am about 5'5" and have little hair on my legs and under my arms, as well as no growing facial hair. My penis is 2 1/2 inches flacid and 3.75 inches erect. I only have amounts of pubic hair on the sides of my penis (Not that much but noticable), and very little above. I am wondering if someone can tell me what stage of Penis Growth/Puberty i am in, just so i know that i will at least grow, because being in 11th grade and looking like im 13 isnt very satisfying. I would really appreciate an answer, because i feel like im still going to grow a lot as i look very young and am underdeveloped.

Much Appreciated
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