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Exclamation Help with computer pls!

Hey i am having some problems with my comp. Whenever I turn it on my computer my monitor doesn’t show anything at all, it isn't my monitor b/c I have tried this with other monitors and it dose the same thing. I haven't done anything to my computer recently in the way of hardware, but I did recently change from a single monitor setup to a dual monitor setup. As a last note this problem perplexes me b/c all I did before my monitor(s) stopped working I had put my computer on standby mode and left for about 4 hours, then when I came back and reactivated my computer the monitor(s) would not show anything. Any help would be much appreacheated as I am clueless.

Edit: it is turing on now with the moniter working, but now it is getting some error and is "checking system on file C:" in some blue screen....

5 min later: it is at the destop and i think is working, so i gusse for the time being desregard post, tho if u have an exsplanation go ahead and teel me why it did this.

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