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Originally Posted by bagoslime
i just finished my testing to see if i had it or not the other day and havent gotten results back but i eill this week and i get to take adderall or some other stuff like that. i also got tested for depression i think cause one of the ?'s on the comp was like "i sometimes hurt my self to relieve emotions" and im probably gunna be brought up positive on that to. so now i get to take zoloft to! now i get to be one of those wierd kids that everyone frowns upon. yay! my only friend is my other depressed/adhd friend. but we are also very wierdly we are both in seventh grade. and we are in algebra which is as high as we can be. were also in high l.a. ya but besides gf is what i live for lol. people refer to me as "gothic" but im not gothic at all im not even close to it. i recieve prank calls a whole bunch....its annoying....
yea, sorry u have to lie to make urself feel happy, zoloft is for clinical depression, and u dont sound too depressed to me, and there is much more counseling to be done before you are supposed to be perscribed a medicine for either, both aderal and zoloft are very serious drugs, especially when taken be a small child, i think that whole paragraph is a lie, just go kill your self now
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