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Default If you have google mail.......

If you have google mail and want a big load of easy webstorage, simply download this:
i have just got it and its really good! i have got 2.66Gb of web storage! If you havent got a Gmail account and would like one, i have some invites to hand out to people, just give me a PM if you so wish to have one!

It is a litte slow, but if you have a fast internet connection it should be ok. Its much easier than logging onto a file host program. the onthy thing is i dont think it gives a link so you cant host a picture from it, but i will have a look as you might be able to!

EDIT: You can use it to host images. Drag and Drop Image into the Gmail Drive Located in My Computer Like Here:

Then you will get an email to your Gmail account with the attached image, open the email and View the attachment, then right-click the image, go to properties and copy the URL.

You cant do it for hosting other files but its good if you want to access lots of fils on another computer or something.

EDIT 2: I just relised the image hosting sorta works, but well whatever really

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