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Default Re: Need website for video hosting

Originally Posted by Kasabian
Try either which is a standard or which lets people download the videos. Send me a link to them!
thanks, ill go for the google and post a link in a bit

edit, heres the plot

When i add to my drums i make another video, this time i added a 10" splash cymbal to the bunch giving me a total of 4 so far.....and still goin haha

i ordered a few more items like a mixer, mic, and cymbal springs and when they get here Friday ill add another video with my cousins and song that i do drums for.

link (will be posted in 15 minutes, google loading it now)

BTW im useing the "Google Video Uploader" as they said i should for my bigger file and its still going slow

i normally make my files into a .wmv format so if anyone knows of a site that will take that in up to 100mb limit it would be great

my current file is .wmv, 38.4mb and 2:44:20

edit edit, Im switching to you so much faster and it does not have to wait for days to get "verified"

ok guys last edit

heres the working finished link


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