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Default Re: What should I do?

Originally Posted by Pink-Floyd
This isn't A "Relationship" post, Request it gets moved to... I don't know, The White Padded room, or whatever,
Actually, it is, its about the relationship he has with his classmates.
Not all relationship posts in here have to be boyfriend/girlfriend ones, there are lots of different types of relationships, friends, brothers, sisters, parents, pets etc

Anyway, Im guessing you probably dont want to hear this Zak, but i agree with the others who have said jsut ignore them.
Laugh at them for being that immature and stupid enough that they cant think of an actual insult...

Or alternatively, confess to everyone that the only reason he is saying that is because he is bitter, as he was round at your house last night begging you to let him blow you but you rejected him haha

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