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Default The world is playing a crule joke on me

So here is just one of my many odd relationship problems.(how i have acquired so many without ever being in a committed relationship is beyond me).

About a year ago my cousin, Tara, Came to visit our grandparents over the summer she had to stay with us a few days though. Anyways my cousin thinks that i would be a perfect match for one of her friends. I thought she was kidding, my mistake.

Before i go any farther you should know that i live in Las Vegas Nevada, and my cousin and her friend live in Las Vegas also, New Mexico, Ha ha ha =(

So Tara calls me about a month after she leaves NV. That was the first time that i talked to her friend, Heather. Now I knew that Tara was completely mental thinking that something like this was going to work, but thats just Tara. After having a few conversations with Heather i came to the conclusion that she also thought that a relationship between me and her was a plausible idea. We exchanged Phone calls for awhile but i knew that it was going no where, and that Heather thought it was. she sent me an email saying to ignore what she had wrote in her last email to me. I never got the first one. knowing that this was the right time I sent her an email that said


honestly i dont think that a long distance relationship is the best Idea. If you think about it, there are things you need in a relationship that i cant give you, and I cant feel tied down with someone i cant see on a regular basis. I hope that this was all in your first e-mail and that you can understand this.



and then she BRILLIENTLY sent me one that said

I think your right! Heather

notice the exclamation point. never did find out what was in her first email.

So that was all a year ago. Now my cousin, this is Tara remember now, and my aunt, cousin Joe and Joes Fiancé are coming back to visit my grandparents. Tara took it upon herself to tell me that she had been trying to get Heathers parents to let her come up her too. (what fun that would be). I told Tara in another email to stop all efforts to get heather to meet me. (i think Tara thinks that if me and Heather meet it will be some big romantic moment and Ill forget about the distance and sweep Heather off her feet and we'll live happily ever after. to that all i have to say is Bull S***) So Tara's like fine she wont come, and for once i was happy with these two girls.

Now just a couple days ago im playing of the phone and i hear my the phone ring. My dad picks it up and doesn't yell my name so i go back to my game. When he hangs up i ask him who called he said it was my aunt. I said, o ya their coming this weekend aren’t they. When i asked who had finnaly decided to come he answered, Well i think its Joe, Tara, Janet, Joes Fiancé, and they said that Tara was bringing a friend. O SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now the girl that i had unintentionally led on and then dumped is coming to spent the night in my house and we will both be stuck together for three days in my grandma's house.(they live in Alamo NV. Not exactly the most popular spit town on the planet.)

Are there any comments to this or should i just hang myself right now. =)

I hate these stupid things
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