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It's ok You know, just talking about something or putting it on a website for all to see really does help. It's helped me to be on VT. I don't really know why, I just love it here and everyone's friendly.

People don't like to be around downers. Just come in one day kindof talkative, but not really, and just try to be a lil bit nicer. After probably a very short while people will start likeing you. I've never really had a friend, and when I thought I got one, I found out I was gay. So he just gave up on me and went to the super-christian-homophobic group. I lost a buddy then, but I guess I really didn't have a buddy. VT IS all I have now.

You could do what I do; just sit here all the time getting outside really does help too, and you could have a window open while on the computer. It opens you to the light. Then you might want to go outside, be happy...and people like happy people! I don't know that much about depression, but this is what I do when I feel really down. Well...actually I sit in the closet and finally fall asleep in there. Or I just listen to music. Then after awhile I feel better (or the other day) and I try to be nicer.

Anyway, tell us how it goes : - ) And other people on this site will definatly come post to support you
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