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Default Re: a girl thats i like

i'm in kinda a similar situation , but it's harder for me. i have a "summer friend" that i sail with who i really like. she and i are like best friends. she seems to like my personallity but i'm not sure if shes attracted physically. i want to ask her out but i have no clue how to do it or if her reaction would be good or bad. if she wasnt one of my best friends it would be much easier bc i dont want to ruin our friendship.

But enough about me, is there anyway at all that u might see this girl over the summer? maybe you could get her screen name or number from a friend or something. dont be afraid to tell her u like her (i know easier said than done ). if you tell her, the worst thing that happens is she doesnt feel for you the same way you feel for her. it doesnt seem like you're even good "friends" with her, so it's not like there's a chance of a friendship getting ruined. you have not much to lose and everything to gain by telling her. if you are too shy to tell her though, then just ask if she wants to hang out sometime. ask her if she wants to see a movie or get pizza or somthing.

hope i helped and good luck
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