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I'm Athiest and proud!

I have an illness which means I will die when I am around 40! So I find it hard to believe in someone who would treat me like shit.

Also, I live on the fringes of east London, where there is a huge amount of muslims. The majority are good people, but there are far too many angry, violent 'radicalist' muslims who think they are better than anyone else and think all white people and all non-muslims should rot in hell. I was attacked on a night bus in Stratford (where the 2012 Olympics will be held!! ) by a muslim who said 'i am doing Allah's work by harming white scum'. He probably wasn't a proper muslim though, as most of them are good people. Racial tension in east London is probably at it's worst.

Also, many of the Christian groups near where I live, and some of them are anti-homosexual racists who are trying to get 'down with the kids' by trying to speak their language and setting up 'yoof groups' ...facepalm!

Aswell as my illness, I cannot understand why any God would allow all this suffering in the world. There is far too much suffering, and its very depressing!

Anyway, there are many reasons why I am not religious, but there are my main reasons.

"Sing me to sleep
And then leave me alone
Don't try to wake me in the morning
'Cause I will be gone"
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