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Unhappy :(

hey, im not actually clinically depressed, but i am realli depressed

im jus goin thru a really bad patch in mi life rite now, since about the start of this year theres been loads of stuff which has been happenin jus to make me feel down n depressed, i was a goth last year so i got bullied then but i didnt realli mind, then lik the last two months there were all these rumors flying around and lik the whole of mi town new them and every1, even people i didnt no kept shouting things at me, so that depressed me loads so i didnt go into mi town for a while, now ive started again and those have died down but now im kinda realising people hu i thought liked me ,dont, lik even sum1 hu ive known for lik 4 years i jus feel as tho he duznt lik me as much nemore, n jus people dont generally like me.

i dont have a clue why i put this on, its jus coz im depressed at the mo n this is 4 depressed ppl so i jus put it here.

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