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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
you are such a dumbass
theres PROOF that it does give other people cancer
hence the dangers of second hand smoke

its been banned in all public areas in Alberta and not a single riot has happened
hell edmonton is smoke free everywhere including bars
Ontario and Quebec are to
and i think BC and Saskachewan either are or will be shortly

not a single riot has happened
and if they do

that dude is monster. n.n he just shouldnt be allowed. you know, I maybe non smokers could chill out a bit. what is it? what is it really? Its not that smoking is bad for you or smells bad. No, there is something else. there is something about smoking that pisses you off that your not sharing. Because unhealthy? smells bad? there are so many other things you could be fighting for that would make such a more profound difference in this world. Why smoking. This trivial, stupid thing?

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