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Default a girl thats i like

Ok my first post,

hello, i have been looking through the threads for one pertaining to my situation. I have found a few, but havn't helped much. I am extremely shy. I don't talk much. I like to put my feelings in stories. I had a friend at school, she's a girl, I like her a lot. We don't talk much except for the occasional hi, how are you, but at the dances we danced with each other every slow song. At my first dance she was the first girl i asked to dance. At the dances we always seemed to connect, we talked all through the song, but never outside of the dances. It's summer now and i won't see her until august. I don't know how to ask her out over the summer. I never see her. During school i found out she liked me, but I never asked her out. At the end of the year dance she told me the lets be friends thing because she liked one of my friends. He goes to her church, i go to a dif church. I got kinda mad, but my parents rose me up to be a gentleman, so i backed off. Is there anything i can do? I really like her.
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