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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

i saw that sad..........

ok just so you know, the life expectancy is 79 years, that means she(Heather Crowe) would be hear with us now, and she would be with us today if it wasnt for your smoke. she would be with her grandchildren, and she would have been able to watch them go threw university and get a family. but now she cannot. just remember that.

with that said, i am not anti smokers, i have a few people in my family who smoke, and the try their best to smoke outside or in a ventilated area away from me, which i have to that them for.

but you are just being, ignorant and selfcentered, its not just you who has rights, we do to and you shouldnt have to make us pay for your disgusting habit, i personally think they should take this law further, but thats just me...
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