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Originally Posted by MegPerc725
I was actually talking to my mom about this the other day.

We both agree that in the US if you are allowed to vote and enlist in the military at 18, why shouldn't you be allowed to drink then too

Obviously, drinking at 18 could cause some problems, as far as 18-year-old friends supplying alcohol for parties and such, so it kind of makes sense for it to be older.

Also, most people who are 18 don't have the maturity to drink, and there are many 21 year olds who aren't mature enough.

In summation, I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18, simply because one is legally and "adult" at that age.
I agree if your old enough to be shipped off to war
old enough to "die for your country"
then you should be old enough to drink and vote
I think the voting and drinking age should be lowered in Canada to 16
we can enlist at 16
so why not

Stupid thing wont let me edit so i'm making another post

I think that the government of Canada should force all auto companys that sell there vehicles in Canada to have a breathalizer installed as a mandontory measure, no diffrent then the emergency brake
you can't drive drunk if you can't start the car while your drunk
they can design them however they want so that they fit in with the vehicle
just as long as there installed
and work right

and insurance companys should offer severe drops in the cost of vehilce insurance if one is installed on an older vehicle


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