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Default Re: The Drinking Age

Originally Posted by Ravenous
21 Seems like a ridiculously high age to me, it is 18 in the UK and I believe even that is too much. 16 Seems a much more reasonable age.
Like popo said, people who are allowed small quantitys of alcohol are less likely to start binge drinking when it is legal. I have heard of people who have been forbidden of everything for their whole childhoods, then they got straight into binge drinking and hard drug-use. Which is why we have the 5 years old in your own home law.
I think like 19-1 years is a good ageit gives you at least teo years of being mature enough to drive and then if you do get in a car drunk I think you can be a bit more responsible...well as responsible you can be drunk...but yeah
plus...when you are 16 your not all the way through puberty and your liver and colon and stuff aren't fully developed and it can cause disease

I think that 21 is a fine age....I think in the home it should be like 18...or at like a party with parental supervision...
and I don't think 16 is a very mature age....

AND 5 IN THE HOME!!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!

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