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Originally Posted by sdnalednas*~
Gas is becoming a major issue in the United States...It is becoming very costly...i know many states have reached 3 or 4 dollars but NJ has always been in the 2's...its now in the 3's and its getting way too high...the u.s needs to get our act together and find some oil...quit with our problems and get the oil cause were going to run out soon and way bigger problems will begin
"quit with our problems and get the oil"
you mean go to war AGAIN (because that is the only way your going to get much more, your already bullying other countries for more using ur political power)
you mean murder innocent people AGAIN
you mean bully the crap out of the rest of the world AGAIN
i mean dont get me wrong eventually it always seems to bite you in the ass
belive it or not the CIA trained and armored osama thats what you call ironic

seriously though
america is pathedic
you use and waste more then any other country
you demand it all from other countries
what you cant take through political or economial minipulation
you steal at gun point
fuckin bullys

Canada is classified as an energy superpower
we are RIGHT on saudi arabias ass for oil and in a few short years we will be producing twice as much
Molrony signed a fucked up agreement with america where we HAVE to meet a set amount of oil exports to america
even if Canada has declared a state of national emergency we still cannot even slightly lower the amount of shipments to "america"
well not without violating NAFTA (which by the way america did for years costing Canadian bussiness billions)
Which would not happen because Canada would never violate an agreement

as a result were importing it from overseas because although my house is literally built on an estimated 80trillion dollars worth of oil thanks to you guys the stuff in my truck is from over seas

Our fuel costs MORE then yours
so would you please STOP your fuckin bitching
all i ever hear about is america whinning about the cost of gas
compared to here its cheep
compared to Ireland or the UK its nothing

so do everyone a favor and SHUT UP


oh and to clear it up
the vehicles would run on Hydrogen...H
not water H2O...well...tecnically HOH..but thats not as catchy...
the BY PRODUCT is water (H2O)

and although they would be PERFECT
were a good 10yrs from any real practical implimentation
and a good life time away from seeing any significant amount of vehicles running off of it

ethenol isnt viable
i would rather it was used as food for areas such as Sudan
then a slightly cheeper fuel
that is sorta better for the enviroment
but not by allot


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