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Default Re: When did ya'll start?

Originally Posted by TeenInNeed
activate, that has got to be the stupidest question ever, to request this to be locked. You think anyone pays attention to the age thing, and how can people not look at porn, you should fucking see my yahoo bulk folder!!!! IT'S GOT OVER 500 PORN BULLSHIT!!!! don't think theres something wrong with looking at porn, sites really do nothing to stop u, what is clicking the no button when it asks you if ur 18 or not gonna do, prolly close the window, thats just gonna make people want to enter more...
TeenInNeed calm down. (What do I call you anyway?)

It's true, and I would of said something but see, I watch over VT whenever I'm on with the Who's Online option. I know where everybody is, so I know when somebody is giving me rep (since it doesn't tell who give it on the UserCP). Now, I've been watching Alex (redcar ) and he monitors this forum (Puberty) very well (since it's most seseptible to sexual content/pornographic images). If anything is really truly wrong, he'll see to it that it gets locked or closed and moved to the trashcan.
BUT, he didn't do that. He let it go. Plus this has been active enough to where at least one of the moderators of this forum (habook3, AC.wAkeboArDin.06, DouggyO.o and WelshLand) would of already seen it and desided whether to lock it or not. It might get locked after this, I don't know. But again I think it's been long enough to where the 3 active mods (Wakeboardin, habook & Douggy) would have seen it already.

Originally Posted by redcar
ah the thread is grand. anyway most things teens do is against the law.... drinking, smoking, having sex! its all part of growing up.
Aaah right on

So there's the scoop! I learned on my own to masturbate when I was 11 1/2. I though I was doing it wrong so I looked it up. I spelled it masterbait or something like that. So it came up on this one (only one, on google!) site where it was selling a finger-snapping video and it said "don't masterbait!". That was kind of weird so I actually came here for the first time I learned how to spell masturbate at this site! Then I finally looked it up and found jackinworld, some other things and FAQs about masturbation, the myths, and the upsides. I thought it was bad until I looked it up. Then I was intrested in porn at about 12, I thought that was bad, so I quit. Hard. Then I went back, got off, and now at 13 it's like, ok. You know what? I'm good enough at hiding this. So it's easy. Plus it's no big deal because I'm part of a site where alot of people view porn. If there's this many here, then that means...well I'm not sure what it means xD but I feel better about it now. I'm going vote 11.

(P.S I really started viewing VT and really wanted to join at 12 1/2 but I had to wait! Now I'm so happy )
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