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Default My Life

Can you feel my pain,
Can you see me crying,
With another slash of the knife,
I feel more like dying.
This knife I have now become friends with,
For I have lost all my others,
They think I am a freak, I know they do,
With every name they call I shudder.
As I watch the blood run down,
It’s a funny kinda feeling,
I look at my reflection with disgust,
Because at the mirror I have been kneeling.
I hide my pain and fears,
I cover them with a smile,
Every day I put on this act,
That I believe my life is worth-while.
But really it’s all a lie,
Most days I feel like dying,
Because no-one can feel my pain,
No-one can see my crying.
So every day I come home from school,
I take out my dirty blood-stained friend,
To add more scars to my collection,
And make more obvious this message im trying to send.
People say iam seeking for attention,
And others just don’t care,
But all I want is a chance to feel a feeling,
A feeling that isn’t there.
But when I cut myself,
With every inch I slice,
I come to a conclusion,
The conclusion I hate my life.
I feel I am doing wrong,
Taken the wrong path somewhere,
I don’t think ill ever find this feeling,
This feeling that isn’t there.
I cut harder to punish myself,
For there is only me to blame,
I constantly f**k up my life,
As it burns me like a flame.
But these cuts release a feeling,
A feeling that wasn’t there,
I can’t really describe it,
All I can do is stare.
The more I cut, it’s like a drug,
I become obsessed and addicted,
With this new feeling I encounter,
I have become inflicted.
It’s like a rush of happiness,
A rush I constantly desire,
So now you know why I do it,
Now don’t call me a liar.

My excuses I give out are really lame and crap,
I know they aren’t the best,
It’s hard to make them on the spot,
Whilst you notice my scars when getting dressed.
I admire you, so popular,
I wish I were just like you,
You look at me the same as everyone,
God if only you knew.
So here it is, as I feel
I type my story for you,
Hoping for you to understand,
I don’t have the same feelings as you.
Please forgive me, whoever finds,
My body on the floor,
For now im gone, at long last,
I can’t feel pain anymore.

I hope you like it, I made it while I was in school, Thanks for viewing!
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