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Default Re: Red vs. Blue

Yea if you want to make a diffrence then you have to speak up
I got my family to vote conservative
Usually they go liberal

I'm happy with harper but i admit there are sum issues that concern me
the Koyoto Accord and the fact that when Paul was leader Canada was basically its leader and now harper wants it scrapped
and although i'm not gay i am proud that gay marrige is legal in Canada
were a free country where everyone is treated and seen as equals
so having same sex marriage legal is important
and harper wants that scraped

So although I am happy with allot that hes done there are some serious issues that concern me
I still know i made the right decision
...lesser of two evils
and in an election that was as close as our last one
every vote counted

If the government were to colapse tommorow though i'd go NDP
there fisically inept..but the chances of them even getting a minority is pathedically small
they'd just get a lil more power and say in parlament with the next government
the NDP really cares about the enviroment, public health care, helping teens with higher education, etc...

NDP Website


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