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Default Re: Red vs. Blue

Originally Posted by popo93
Oh dear, another debate where I'm all alone in the little liberal group 0: Why should we only have two major parties? Why not comepletely change the electoral system to allow more parties to become involved. Maybe a certian percentage of the government would be made up of representatives forma certian party based upon the percentage of votes said party revieved. That way we would have more ideas circulating around the government, and they would actually be considered.

I don't think your alone in the little Liberal group. You will be surprised to find that there is a very large VirtualTeen Liberal group. Teeming with very outspoken individuals. I'm not a full blown Liberal myself, I'm more of an Independent with a slight Democratic feel. I certainly support the Democratic Party over the Republican Party. But I believe that whoever the people vote for should get the job. That's why I'm for doing away with the Electoral College. Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election, but George Bush got more Electoral votes.....That my friends is a crock of bullshit and you know it! It should be up to Popular Vote and nothing less! It is a better way of representing the people, and after all, is that not what this democratic government is all about. Representing the peoples needs and wants as best and sufficient as you can?

To a different point, one that needs to be addressed I think. Should there be more parties to choose from during midterms and the presidential election? The answer, of course, I think we can all agree, is yes. However this is nothing that our government can achieve by there lonely little selves. No! This is all up to the people. If you vote republican, then don't expect anyone but a republican leader to come out on top. If you vote democrat, and the majority of your peers as well vote democrat, is it not obvious that the outcome of this will be democrat? If you want a wider array of political ideas surging in the house, then YOU and YOURS must vote for different political opinions do you see? Its all up to the people to vote in who runs us. If you are angry at who is president, you have the power to change who is president. You should be angry at yourself for not doing anything about it. Of course, at this moment, most of us on VT are minors. So our power is limited, but many of us will get the chance to vote in the presidential election of 2008 in the US. You can make a difference. You must only try.

that is alll.


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