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I like the idea about the pink wrist band. lol

When i thought i was gay or when i was currious in that way i became very close friends with 2people and they both fancied me and unfortunatly for me still do. However one of those guys has moved away thank god coz he tryed to control me. The other guy i am still very good friends with and yes he does still seem to want me and i think it would kill him when news of my relationship with my girlfriend gets out, who i am in love with and i mean in love with.

Anyways i supose thats enough about me i get to the point:
The way i found out they are gay or bi was by talking to them becoming good friends with them and then you sorta got give an impression that you like them but nothing obvious. For example just you know put your hand on his knee when you're trying to get his attention and if he dont say anything about it then occasionally keep doing it and if he gives a similar response do something more deffinate that way you know.

good luck o by the way dont go felin people up just act you know very tactile with them and not everyone just people you suspect

c ya
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