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Default Lil Kid Story

Heres a lil kid story i had to make for writing class, it's kinda cute.

The Alligator Astronaut

Allie Alligator had always wanted to be an astronaut, but her mother said she could not.
She spent her childhood looking up at the sky,
and decided her mother had told her a lie,
for she had seen the space shuttle fly from the space center where her home lies.

After Allie grew up she left mom behind,
and for a job as an astronaut she went to find.
On the first day she was filled with sorrow,
they were too busy and said come back tomorrow. The next day, though, she was feeling quite merry,
for they said she could start without tarry.

Allie then began her hard training.
She ran five miles every morning, and ate more fruit to get into shape. She swam laps all around the cape, and was soon ready for the centrifuge, and at the end of each day relaxed in her watery refuge. She enjoyed time in the simulator, although the controls weren’t made for an alligator.

Allie’s first mission was to be quite soon, for she was headed right off to the moon. She got on the rocket and screwed her helmet into its socket, said her good-byes and flew off into the skies. Faster and faster, higher and higher she went, there and back again from the moon.

As Allie descended back to Earth, everyone was joyous and full of mirth. She actually did it, though her mom said she wouldn’t, she was an astronaut and more adventure she sought.
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