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I was in a treble choir like that for two years, so that has meaning to me that way. That song reminds me of a song we did in my last year called Waltzing Matilda, which some call the unofficial national anthem of Austrailia. To clear up confusion, I'm from Ohio. There were good, strong chords in there. I had to drop out for this year though because, it being a treble choir and my voice going from second soprano to bass in 2 months, it made it difficult to keep the range. I like how the song started with a great soprano solo, and gained in power until chord at the end cemented the song. I also like that the sopranos didn't have the melody through the song; that always make for a better piece. Only thing I would do differently is to clear up some of the lyrics and make harsher consonants which is required to have a powerful piece, especially T's and C's.


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