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Default Re: Red vs. Blue

Right now i'm conservative (blue)
because the Liberals in canada have become severely corrupt, lazy and were running Canada into the ground
Harpers fixing there fuck ups
and so far hes doing a REALLY good job
I'm very happy I voted for him
and i'm extatic that for the first time in 12yrs the conservatives won
hes even trying to fix our elections every 4yrs instead of whenever you want within 5yrs like the liberals had
he brought in the federal accountability act
lowering the GST
cracking down on crime
Increasing the budget to our military equipment thats become so outdated its as dangerous as the enemy
Hes working on shortening the rediclous wait times in the ER room

Conservative Party of Canada website

its hard to bring canadian politics into this cause canada has


I like blue (Conservative) and orange (New Democratic Party)


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