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Talking Foreskin Fixed :)

Hello people
Just to let you know, You may remember me, i posted about a month ago about my foreskin not coming back, well
About ten minuites ago, i just pulled it back ( I made it moist ) and just slowly pulled back, and eventully it just came, and i repeated this a few times and the Light pain went away, so i am just going to keep doing this over a few days to stretch the skin.
For those of you who have this foreskin problem, try and pull it back like i did, there isnt alot of pain really

Thanks Very Much for all your help so far guys

FORESKIN::: Slight Worrie:
i have a small worry... when i pull my foreskin back and you can see the helmet ( End of penis ) - Where the slit is, it is a bit red just where the slit is

Anyone got any advice on this?

And thanks again
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