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Default Re: The Drinking Age

Originally Posted by popo93
koler, that is obviously a special case, if you have problems like that you and your family need therapy, but most cases aren't like yours. Assuming people have some sanity and common sense, the lowering of the drinking age would help a lot. With the I.D. cards, kids would have to get the aslcohol illegally in order to overdrink, but from European models, they wouldn't have a desire to. Binge dirnking is far lowe rin Europe because they let kids get used to it in a safe environment. Sorry bout your family, but the majority of people don't have that problem.
Well, I don't really have a family anymore, so no therapy needed.
and thats not a special case.
you got to remember, that there are allot of people in the lower classes.
and there are allot of people who have had to endure drunken fathers who beat the hell out of everone in the family.
there are allot of people who knew everything about the streets and about drugs and drinking when they were very young.
in fact......perhaps your the minority on this one.
if were speaking global?

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