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Originally Posted by saucysister
We've worn clothes for thousands of years! You want to change it now? Sorry Buddy, but you're fucked.
If you don't have anything intelligent to say, keep your mouth shut. That should be a law, but this is a free country. We haven't been wearing clothes in shame for very long at all.

Koler, I would like to understand your views better, why nudity is taboo to you. This threa dis for a frank discussion to better our understanding of one another's views and culture, I'm not asking you to change your mind, but to keep it open.

I shall repeat my inquiry to the ladies, how does heat affect you? Does it cause vaginal itching, uncomfortable sweating under your breasts? Currently I'd like to assess how heat affects people's comfort clothed and unclothed, we'll keep discussin how clothing affects people and such, thenw e'll get down to the deeper questions about our feelings after we've gotten comfortable. This is an intellectual discussion, and so far I've gotten I don't like nudity in public, I'm fine with you in your own homes, but nobody seems to want to discuss the current topics.
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