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Post relapse; and the world of giving up.

for two months i've had a writters block; havn't been able to write a single thing; as a result heres my blocked up moods.

Shes Breaking.
You've Delayed for too long.
What Progress is she making?
relapse is starting to take on new terms.
Like a Crinimal with its hostage.
self pity has her by a knife.
Shes relying on one dream.
but what if even dreams coming true can't help you?
what if shes a hopeless cause then what can all of this mean.
all this girl is hanging on to are her hopes.
but what if someone finally cuts the rope?
When will they finally give up on her.
after all the blood and pills,
she doesn't even remeber you, your a blur.

123 its just you and me
oh wait, you left, its just me i guess.
all of a sudden its all becoming so real.
i'm hiding in a closet of all my childhood fears while reality,
and all i've ever known, are knocking at my door,
and i know its for me.
This is all i'll ever be.
this was me, trying.
trying my heart out.
and i failed.

she wonders why she feels so alone.
answers to her questions are unknown.
somebody help her! shes got a gun!
she didn't even fight. the bullet won.
can't you see shes bleeding?
she wasn't even pleading.
who cares, just walk away.
act as if it were another day.
people do really care;
they'll go on as if she was never there.

dont hide from me.
i can see your hands all bloody.
what the fuck did you do.
you were beautiful; you
what happened? what happened to her?
she didn't used to have this anger.
shes gone; deystroyed; her gental soul.
devistated she lost control.
She Skrewed up everything why did she!
wait, thats a

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.


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