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Originally Posted by Damain
I just think I am doing wrong. Thats all.
i felt that way about a year ago. it does feel wrong sometimes just because it is known in the media and in pop-culture to be something "wrong" to do so people as they reflect off those kinds of things these days feel they then are doing something wrong. but you have to realize that it's completely natural and really, everyone does it. maybe some do it less but everyone masturbates. it is also healthy, i overheard my friend talking to some1 he knew and the subject of masturbation was up and my friends friend said he knew this very religious person and i think he said that this person refused to ever masturbate and it really affected his prostate and at the doctors he was basically told that he needs to masturbate or he could die because he was in such bad shape with his prostate. masturbation can prevent prostate cancer. i also find it to be a great stress releiver, and if im trying to go a while w/o jackin off i find myself to sometimes be a bit more cranky is offline