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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Nice, now for a joke:

There are two flies sitting on a bench. The first fly says to the second, "Look at your trousers.". When the second fly asks why, he says, "Your humans are undone.".
HAhah wow.. nice

Here's a riddle:
Four men have to cross a bridge at night, therefore you need a flashlight to cross. The bridge can only support two people at a time so only two people can cross the bridge at a time. But one person has to bring the flashlight back.
These men have to get to the other side in 17 minutes.
Each man takes a different amount of time to cross. One man takes 10 minutes to cross, another takes 5 minutes to cross, another takes 2 minutes to cross, and the last takes 1 minute to cross. You have to travel at the speed of the slowest person.

ie. If the 10min and the 1min guys go across together then that takes 10 minutes.
(Then one of them has to bring back the flashlight.)
So the 1min guy comes back. so far you're up to 11 minutes.

Hope this makes sense..

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