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Originally Posted by koler
what is my view on nudity.
I think everyone should have the right.
in there own home.
in certin parks and colonies.
I would be willing to go so far to say certin zones could be allowed.
would I go to any?
its a little taboo for me.
so no.
thats not my fancy.
am I anti nude?
but when it comes to the public yes.
those are my views.
I have not changed them from the start.
Now, if that's the case, then I ask, what are we arguing about? I'll say this again because I belive it's true:
Party one, do you want to help people understand that nudism isn't wrong?

Originally Posted by saucysister
We've worn clothes for thousands of years! You want to change it now? Sorry Buddy, but you're fucked.
Why is he fucked? They have already stated in this thread that they don't want the whole world to be "clothes free". I'm pretty sure they don't want to convert the world.
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