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First of all, request double post delete (never press the button two times ).

Ok, let's see...
Originally Posted by TeenInNeed
I wouldnt totally agree with that kev. Masturbating is stimulating yes, but sex is a lot better, no i have never had sex, but the vagina feels a lot better than ur hand im sure. The orgasm would probably be better also, because im sure ur gonna b a lot more horny when with a naked women or man (for apacalyptic :p).
I say, did my name get spelled wrong?

This pretty much sums it up. (I have never had sex either) Notice, are you alot harder when viewing pornographic images (or misspelled pr0n)? That's the way I am but during sex you have a more-than-live's not live, it's life! It's a hot sexy person right in front of you and you're harder.
Masturbating is always better infront of a computer screen (aside from having a buddy). My orgasms are much more better/fun that way.

But there are alot more sensations from just being solo to having somebody else in the room. Such as smell, full body touch, the feeling of someone you love, the sound of them groaning ect.

Sex is more enriched than masturbation. We are socal animals. Sex is the best way to have fun with another person! Whoot!

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