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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by JustNick View Post
We're not allowed to discuss masturbation techniques, but if you want to be a good lover cumming quicker is not the best idea. The problem you described sounds like a nervous reaction. Its best to take a dump before starting.
Ohh, sorry. Thanks for the heads up. xD

Originally Posted by pontiacdriver View Post
As for your diarrhea problems my thinking is that you must be stimulating your rectum in just the right way to produce a bowel movement. Getting diarrhea is not fun, and you never know about having an accident in your bedroom as cleaning up liquid feces is hard and messy. My suggestion to you is if you absolutely want to anally masturbate to find a different method or product instead of the plug. Pain and masturbation should not be happening, and you have to find another method if pain is occuring as it is not normal.

This leads into my next point about methods. As mentioned above we cannot discuss methods on here for the simple fact that it would attract so many pedos here it would not be funny. With that being said you can go to which is a safe website devoted entirely to masturbation. I am sure you can find good alternatives on there.
Thanks for the website, Ill give it a shot. =D
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