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I'm Michael. If you live here where it gets hot, it isn't just uncomfortable, it can hurt. You know how your scrotum contracts and expands to regulate tempurature? Well, it stays stretched to its full a lot, thus making your testicles sore from just living, solution is to cool down, but it's not legal anywhere in public, and at most homes not allowed anywhere but your room. As for the ladies, I'd like to hear how the heat affects your breasts and vagina, probably not very pleasant either.

The main point is for comfort's sake, but before reading on, take five minutes to skim through the puberty forums. Done? Good, notice how they all have obvious stupid questions, they ahve no idea what's going on with their bodies, in a nudist environment you actually see your friends and family go through puberty, thus making your teen years much more comfortable.

Oh and a little note, let's be open about our bodies in this thread, no slang, just talk frankly, it heps to build a more comfortable environment, this isn't an argument, it's a discussion to understand one another's views and culture.
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