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Default Re: The Drinking Age

Ah, don't get beer, have some kahlua or amaretto, maybe margaritas.

In reply to storm, if people had alcohol since they were little, then they would become accustomed to it, and eprsonally I don't think being drunk sounds very appealing. If you get used to something, you don't make a big deal of it. People make a big deal of sex because it's abn extreme taboo in this country. People make a big deal about nudity for the same reasons. People amkea big deal about alcohol ecause it is simply a forbidden pleasure, if you make it so minors have to get say some sort of I.D. to show that they are of an age where they can drink a certain amount of alcohol, that would be good. With those I.D. cards they could go ina bar and maybe get a shot of liquor, a small margarita, or a small bit of beer, that never got anyone drunk. the cards would be scanned into a computer telling a system allover that the particular minor could only have a certian amount more, or not any at all, and their card would be denied if they tried to get more, maybe have an account linked to it with a small amount of money. the cards would decide the amount allowed based upon age, height, and weight. There's your solution for keeping track.
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