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Default Re: Minors buying cigarettes.

Originally Posted by Ravenous
Sorry I forgot to state, I believe smoking should only be legal on your own property, or in designated smoking areas. Don't wanna harm the non-smoking majority.
I think the authorities should do a big clean up on places you're allowed to smoke in. I am in PRIDE, a group that writes/makes up skits and dances and perform them for our peers and younger kids to keep them from using drugs and doing other harmful things to themselves, and smoking is one of our top priorities because it's a relatively easy drug to come by. Smoking should be illegal in any indoor public facility like a restaraunt, museum, mall, etc. Yet smoking is already disallowed in many restaurants and malls, museums too, which is good, but people smoking right outside are still bad. You still inhale their smoke when you pass them to get inside. That's definately not fair. While they chose to blacken their lungs and give themselves imminent doom of lung cancer or heart attacks, they should not force everyone else who chooses to respect their lungs and hearts to inhale that smoke. It's pretty much smoking, except no addiction. And I don't wanna "smoke" other people's cigarettes, know what I mean?

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