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Default Re: Minors buying cigarettes.

Originally Posted by Jazbo
I don't believe in this 'free choice' crap when my health is at risk. With booze, at least you're only wrecking your own liver, but personally? I don't want someone elses dumb decision to inhale fire and ruin their lungs also effect mine. I like my lungs.

If anything, there should be designated smoking areas, that's right, quarantine smokers. Keep MY lungs safe, keep everyone else who doesn't smoke lungs safe. I could care less if you want to willingly introduce a cancerous substance or risk your own life! But when it's also risking MINE? Then that is a public health hazard, NOT a personal issue.

This is beyond freedom of choice, because you aren't only choosing the fate for yourself, but for those around you.
Nice. I wanted to say something like that.
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